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Success Hub

Success Hub

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What Is This?

Success Hub is a culmination of everything I’ve learned throughout my journey. It includes my exercise routine, what I eat and why, supplements I take, and other success planning tools I use.

This isn't based on theory, or some research paper slapped together by some lab nerd. This is my no BS guide on EXACTLY what I did to lose over 150 pounds. 

If you execute the play, this time next year you'll be looking at a completely different person in the mirror. I'm living proof that it can be done.

Now, let's get to work.

My Exercise Routine

My exact day by day workout split with specific exercises / reps and answers to common questions you'll probably have.

Nutrition Plan

  • How to calculate/track your calories and macros to optimize your weight loss.
  • Exactly what I eat, and at what times
  • Healthy foods options you can eat broken out by macro type so you aren't eatting the same boring shit everyday
  • The reason why my diet works

Supplement List

A list of all the supplements I take, when I take them and what they help with.

Apps I Use

Apps that were super useful to me on my fitness journey - things I wish I knew existed right when I started.

My Book List

Every book I've read that helped me along my journey with star rating so you don't waste your time reading shitty books.

Success Planning Template

My exact template on how I plan for success. This is exactly how I start every year. I can honestly say, ever since I started doing this, my life has took a turn for the better.

And More!

Things like:

  • Information about 75 Hard
  • Daily affirmations
  • Mental realizations that helped me
  • Podcasts that helped me
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Customer Reviews

Based on 422 reviews
shivdeep Panaich

It is great. I have sent an email I am curious a little about your meal plan when you first started.

Abdulaziz Alshehri
amazing job man

totally appreciate your journey man
you are amazing
we need a lot of people like you
allah bless you

Danilo Elizalde

Success Hub

Eunique Portillo
Super helpful

Definitely straight to the point, and easy to access. I love all the detail you added, it makes it super easy to follow. Cant wait to apply it to my life! Thank you Bishoi , no idea how much you’ve helped me already on my lifestyle change.

Fouzan Qureshi
Success Hub

For me this would be a great start to fix my weight workouts are outlined proper food intake suggested reading for Mindset it's all laid out in the plan