This isn't based on theory put together by some lab nerd. It's EXACTLY what I did to lose over 160 pounds and everything I learned along the way. No BS, no sugar coating it.  I'm giving it away completely for FREE.



It's one thing to learn from someone whose read a book, or done a course online. It's another thing to learn from someone whose been in your shoes and knows exactly what you're going through. Someone who knows a way out.


It has 25 easy to make, high protein recipes each with 40-50g of protein. And they taste amazing. Your meals don’t have to look like they’d be served in a prison to see results.



What’s the catch, why is this free?

As sketch as this sounds, there’s no catch 😂.  I’m not getting paid by any company, sponsor or person I recommend. This is just a huge passion of mine, and I get my satisfaction from knowing I played a part in other people’s success. I’ve been blessed to not need to do this to put food on the table - it’s not my primary source of income, which is dope because that means I can keep it real with no sponsors to worry about pleasing. What you get is pure, raw, unfiltered truths of what worked / didn’t work for me.

There’s no shortage of “fitness influencers” trying to sell you on the next supplement, program or app they’re promoting that week. I don’t want to do that - anything I recommend is something I’ve personally used myself and it helped me in some way.

Does that mean i’ll never monetize this part of my life? Probably not. It just means at this point in my life, I don’t care about anything else but helping set up others for success. I also don’t want money to be the reason why someone don’t get started on changing their life for the better. I truly believe if you focus on providing value to the world, money will eventually come.

If you do feel the need to support me, you can support my small business TruWood but it’s totally not required and won’t change my commitment to helping you.

Cut the shit what did you take?

What I took was 3 syringes full of discipline + hard ass work, mixed with diet and exercise.

Honestly it is a bit deceiving because I used to be super into fitness / bodybuilding from 16-22 years old when I started my business, and then I got super fat, lazy and unmotivated when the money started rolling in. This lasted from 22-29. So technically I still had some of that muscle I built up, it was just hiding under all that fat.

I hate to say this, but if you’re asking this question, it’s probably the reason why you’re never going to get in shape. If this is the first thing you think of when someone achieves something you haven’t; that they cheated they’re way to the top or had it easy, you don’t have a weight issue, you have an outlook on life issue which is probably not only effecting your health, but also your wealth and relationships.

As clique as it sounds, with hard work, dedication and discipline you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Look at people like David Goggins running on broken legs. Stop comparing yourself to people who haven’t done a thing with their life and start looking up to those who’ve achieve what you want. Start thinking “how can I go out and get that for myself”.

What are you going to do about you loose skin?

I was super shocked by the amount of people asking this question - it’s probably the number 1 question I get. Personally my loose skin doesn’t bother me that much. It’s more of a constant reminder of how far I’ve come and also, on a more important note, that there’s some mistakes you make in life that leave permanent scares - it’s the price you pay for your decisions and now you have to live with them. I haven’t thought about surgery yet mainly cuz’ I’m terrified of getting put to sleep 😂.

If you’re worried about getting loose skin, what i’d say to that is would you rather be obese, not able to physically do shit, or have a bit of loose skin?

Worry about crossing that bridge when it comes - don’t let your mind play tricks on you and rationalize the reason why you haven’t got started is because you don’t want loose skin. I promise you it’s worth it.

How long did it take?

The short answer is 1 year for the majority of the work, but does it matter? If I told you it took me 10 years, would you not do it? The questions you should be asking yourself is, “Is this something I want to do”. “Will this improve the quality of my life, not just in terms of health but in terms of my happiness”, “Will this make me a better person”. The discipline it takes to lose weight transfers to all walks of life - your work, your family, your relationships.

Did you get any surgeries?

No, honestly I haven’t even heard about half the surgeries ya’ll are asking me about until you asked.

How much weight did you lose?

The heaviest weight I can remember when at the doctors office 352.5 lb. I’m currently sitting at 187.3 lbs at 10.9% body fat so just over 160 pounds.

What do you do for work?

I founded a company called TruWood back in my last semester of school at 22 years old. It’s partly to blame for all my weight gain. I went from being a bodybuilding/exercise enthusiast and did a complete 180. I started missing workouts to work on my business. Once the money started coming in I started eating like shit. Food delivery? Everyday. I’d rationalize it by saying any time I spent cooking healthy meals was time I could be working on my business. I went from being a guy who had to worry about how much I was spending on eating out, to not giving a single fuck.

What made you get started?

Trust me I’ve been through it. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve said “this is the time I change for good” after I get some mental realization of how fucked up my life was.

I’d get started, stay on track for a week, 2 weeks, even a couple months. And then something would happen like I’d take a trip, or a crazy busy week at work, and I’d spiral right back into my old habits of eating like shit and barely moving a muscle throughout the day.

What really changed everything for me was my good friend Mike. He did a program called 75 hard by Andy Frisella the year before and was about to do it again for Round 2. He pushed me to do it with him and for that I’ll forever be grateful to him and Andy for creating the program. My brother and another good friend of mine also joined in on it. They stood by me during those rough days, came on runs with me, and helped me get through the mental barriers I had to keep pushing through. A good support system helps.

I promise you when I started it, I had no intention of finishing. I had no idea where this would go. I just wanted to see how far I could take it. And by the end of it, it was all she wrote. Those 75 days turned into 2 years and I’m where I’m at now. Win the war against your mind and you’ll understand what I mean.

That’s my goal - to be what Mike was for me; the catalyst to getting started by showing you that it’s possible.

How’d you get through the rough days?

Quit tomorrow, but not today. Tell yourself that. And what you’ll find is after you sleep, you wake up, it’s a new day and you’re ready to go for 1 more day.

I’d play tricks on my mind and be like, today will just be a "walk day". You don’t have to run, you’re just going for a walk. And what you’ll find is, when you’re on the road, you end up slow stepping it - can I maybe run for only 1 minute? 2? You etch your way up and before you know it, the workout is over.

What also helped me was not thinking far ahead. If you’re in the trenches of the battlefield, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how many days left you have till its over. All you gotta do is get through 1 more step, 1 more meal, and day by day, week by week, change will happen. It gets easier. Good times, bad times, they don’t last.

If you need some sort of external motivation, on rough days where my ankles were flared up, everything hurt, where I could barely get out of bed, I’d put on a Spotify playlist called “Fearless motivation” or the Real AF podcast on my run.

I Can, I Will, I Must

We tend to idolize people we don't know and think they're cut from a different cloth, as if they're some superhuman. I promise you I'm just a regular dude who committed to changing my life. Just start!